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Composition:    Membership of the Medical Staff Credentials Committee shall consist of at least twelve (12) members of the Active Medical Staff who are experienced leaders that are not Department Chairs. There shall be at least one representative from each department, the two (2) immediate past Chiefs of Staff, and other members to give representation to the major services in the Hospital. There shall be a representative from the APP Committee that will vote solely on APP applications. The Chief of Staff will appoint the members of the Credentials Committee and the Chair. The Chair shall be a Member of the Active Medical Staff or have had clinical activity within the past four (4) years. Credentials Committee members will be appointed for three (3) year terms, with the exception of the past Chiefs of Staff which
shall serve two (2) two-year terms, with the initial terms staggered such that approximately one third of the members will be appointed each year. The Chair will be appointed for a one-year term. The Chair and members 
may be reappointed for additional terms without limit. The Credentials Committee may also invite members such as representatives from Hospital Administration and the Board.

Meetings:    The Credentials Committee shall meet at least 10 times per year and on call of the chair or  Chief of Staff.

Meeting Attendance:    Members of the Credentials Committee are expected to attend at least 2/3 of the  meetings held. Failure to meet meeting attendance requirements will result in removal from the Credentials  Committee.

Quorum:    A quorum will exist when 50% of the members are present. members.

Maret Maxwell, MD | Chairman
Paul Seago, MD | Chief of Staff
Jonathan Adkins, MD

Ruth Fredericks, MD
Richard Guynes, MD

Will McCraney, MD

Patrick O'Mara, MD
Tunde Olutaude, MD
James Roberts, MD
Anne Chapman, NP                                
Ron Kennedy, MD
Erica Bass, MD
Ben Kerr, MD