Infection Control

If you have any issues accessing meeting packets please contact Selma Hill at 200-6822.

Please remember that information is confidential and should not be discussed with anyone.
Passwords should not be shared with anyone not who is not a member of the Infection Control Committee.


Meeting Packets

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Composition:    Infection Control committee shall consist of Medical Staff members and Hospital staff.

Meetings:    Infection Control committee meetings are quarterly, typically during the months of January, April, July and October.                

Eric McVey, MD | Chairman 
Teri Dyess, MD
Christopher Hancock, MD
Randall Smith, MD
Christy Haygood, MD

Jo Deal, MD
Ujjwal Dhar, MD
Patrick O'Mara, MD
Timothy Abston, MD
Anne Whitehurst, MD
Rathel Nolan, MD