Cerner training remains mandatory and a requirement to practice at St. Dominic's.  The MEC recently approved new options for training which are now available as well as refresher training and practice.  All training must be completed prior to go-live, which is scheduled for Saturday, October 28.  You only need to complete one option to successfully meet the medical staff requirement.  The options are as follows:


          Must perform Web-Based Training available on Healthstream.  
          There are 7 interactive multi-part modules as well as links to helpful resources. 
          See section below for details on how to access.
         2.  [OPTIONAL] “Power Sessions” - At least two 1-hour group sessions with Dr. Sanders and team.  
              If you demonstrate competency and understanding of the system, then you will be signed off to use Cerner.  
              Call Dr. Sanders to arrange times with your group or colleagues (x5967).

         3.  [OPTIONAL] Extended traditional classroom training
              a. Location: 5N
              b. Only 4 classes TOTAL will be offered.  Each class accommodates up to 15 clinicians.
              c. Call Scott Adams at extension x5190 to arrange
           4.  [OPTIONAL] 1-on-1 training with the CMIO Dr. Sanders is available to those who are unsuccessful with options 1,2, & 3.  
                Please reach out to him to arrange.  He is also open to a larger on-site training session for your group practice.

      Web-Based Training for CERNER!

      Just in time for the new Cerner go-live date of October 28, WBT has been approved by the MEC to satisfy the requirement for Cerner training to continue exercising your clinical privileges at St. Dominic’s.  Here is how you can complete your training:

      1. Go to the following website for Healthstream:
        2. If you don’t know your Healthstream login credentials, call Scott Adams in Medical Staff Services at extension 5190 for assistance.
        3. Login …

      4.  Click on Catalog:

           5.  Once you have completed all modules, you will receive a certificate of completion.  
                Medical Staff Services will also receive a copy.  
                You are now considered “trained,” but to become more proficient at using Cerner, consider logging 
                into Powerchart and using a test patient (MEDSTAFF, PATONE, etc.) to practice documenting, placing orders, 
                saving favorites, etc. (SEE BELOW ON HOW TO ACCESS CERNER)  
                Also consider scheduling a 1 hour  “Power Session” for you and a group of your colleagues with Dr. Sanders.  
                Call x5967 to schedule.

           6.  You will use the same username and password that you use to get into to get into Powerchart.

           7.  Happy Cernering!

      Practice Cerner PowerChart Now!          Cerner Powerchart:  Access Cerner Powerchart thru by clicking on the B248   icon (Don't use P248).

        1. Use the same username and password that you use to access storefront or a badge-tap computer.
        2. Search for and use any patient whose last name is MEDSTAFF, e.g. MEDSTAFF. PATONE; MEDSTAFF, PATTWO, etc.
        3. If you have password issues getting into Citrix/AD call x4000 24/7 or John Watson 8-4 x4444
        4. PLEASE NOTE:  The production version of Cerner, P248, is the version that we will be using at go-live.  It is the only version that may be used to create and save patient lists, auto-text, and favorites.  It is CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE starting Sunday September 17 until Go-live on Saturday, October 28 for the purposes of uploading patient data to the system.  If you want to save any changes in the system, you will need to come to the Drop-In Lab on 5 North, room 5203, to make these changes.

      In-Person Training
      "Drop-In" Lounge
      Lab is open from September 11 - November 17. No registration required
      Hours of Operation: 8am - 6pm Monday-Thursday - Room 5203 - 5 North

      Cerner Video Training
       Click to watch Cerner Training Videos (Not for credit for certification - Just for practice):
      Cerner: A Day in the Life
      Cerner: General Overview and Structure
      Cerner: View Only Training
      Cerner: Part 1 - Creating a Patient List
      Cerner: Part 2 - Searching for a Patient
      Cerner: Part 3 - Intro to Order Entry
      Dragon: Power Mic Mobile Installation
      Dragon: Logging into Power Mic Mobile
      Dragon: Basic Mobile Button Tutorial
      Dragon: Creating Auto Text
      Virtual Favorites Fair Creating an Automatic Patient List 
      Creating a Group Patient List
      Creating a Custom List
      Create a Location Specific Patient List and Proxy Patient Lists
      Creating AutoText in Cerner
      Creating your own Favorites
      Sharing Favorites with other Clinicians 
      View Only Training Cerner View Only Accessing Cerner
      Cerner View Only Searching for a Patient
      Cerner View Only Navigating the Chart
      Cerner View Only Results Review
      Cerner View Only Documentation
      Cerner View Only Patient List
      Go Live! 
      St. Dominic's will go live with Cerner on Saturday, October 28, 2017!