Tickets Available for Mississippi Braves Baseball


St. Dominic's has four tickets for reserved seating at select Mississippi Braves home games available for our physicians on a first come, first served basis. Please see the attachment below for a listing of available games. Tickets may be requested by calling 601-200-6849, Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm.

We hope you will take the opportunity to enjoy these tickets and experience the thrill of Mississippi Braves baseball!

Mississippi Braves Baseball


New Medical Record Documentation Requirements


During their February meeting, the MEC endorsed the attached suspension timeline for medical record deficiencies based off of the new requirements set forth in the Medical Staff Bylaws as well as the Rules and Regulations. Beginning Monday, February 20th, Medical Records will begin using this timeline for monitoring deficiencies. 

Beginning March 1st Advanced Practice Providers (NPs and PAs) will also be required to complete their medical record deficiencies in accordance to these guidelines to avoid suspension of their clinical privileges. All Advanced Practice Providers are encouraged to complete any outstanding deficiencies ASAP to avoid suspension on March 1st. 

Under the new Medical Staff Rules and Regulations, the attending or supervising physician must review and authenticate all consultations and discharge summaries prepared by the Advanced Practice Professional (Rules & Regulations 3.16 & 4.9.6). Additionally, whenever an Advanced Practice Professional performs an H&P, either the H&P or the addendum written by the physician, must be signed by the physician (Rules and Regulations 4.9.6). Please note that these changes were made to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Due to these new requirements all Advanced Practice Professionals must dictate using their own provider ID# and must identify the physician in which they are dictating for. If you do not know your provider ID# please call 200-6846. 

Please feel free to contact Paula Lindsey, Director of Medical Staff Services at 601-200-6882 with any questions or concerns.

Deficiency Suspension Timeline