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Alert: National Barium Shortage



Currently, due to a national shortage of barium, our capacity for performing barium based studies (including barium swallows/esophograms, UGI, small bowel follow through studies, and barium enemas) is limited. We currently have a limited supply of barium contrast for incomplete colonoscopies. We are subject to a zero supply of these agents in the foreseeable future.

Effective immediately, please restrict requesting these barium studies on your patients. We do continue to have a supply of water soluble contrast, which has a limited number of applications (i.e. bowel perforations, post operative leaks, and evaluating colonic obstructions.) 
If you have any questions, please contact one of the Radiology body imagers at 601-200-6150.

We will notify you when the situation changes and appreciate your patience and understanding.